How to look slim & sexy in a saree?

We always love to look slim and pretty whenever we wear a saree, but some sarees, for example, silk or cotton sarees are not very smooth to drape compared to other sarees like georgette, satin silks, or soft silks.

So how do we look slim & sexy in these sarees? Is it possible to make it listen to us wherever we go or whenever we sit?

Some people would probably tell you, "Why don't you be on a weight loss diet?", "Why don't you do some exercises?" before wearing any of these sarees. Yes, we can do those but that's not the quickest solution. We need a quicker solution.

Let us give you only 5 simple tips to solve this problem so you can look slim and sexy in your favourite sarees.

1. Iron your saree and pleats


Always do your shoulder and front pleats beforehand and iron the saree all over before wearing.

2. Wear a tight sleeves blouse

Make sure, your blouse sleeves are not loose and that they perfectly fit your arms. Wearing loose sleeves makes you look like you have big arms.

Readymade saree blouses can be found here.

3. Wear a satin silk petticoat/underskirt

Wearing a satin silk petticoat/underskirt sticks to your body and so draping the saree around the waist will look neat and not puffy. You can also move around freely with those petticoats. 

4. Make sure the shoulder pleats border is thin

If you have a big border on the saree, half it and wear it thin. 

5. Have narrow pleats on shoulder and front

Make sure your shoulder pleats don't hang to the side of your shoulder, and your front pleats are broad. 

Now you know the secrets, why don't you take a look at our sarees collection and wear any types of sarees with confidence! 

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